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Convert more website visitors into customers.
Keep current customers coming back to retain revenue.
Utilize software to be more efficient and productive.
Marketing Services
Digital Branding

Online image is everything in today’s Internet Age. So you need a Digital Brand that upholds your company’s reputation. We make you look good online and establish a Digital Brand that positions you for long-term success.

Website Design

Upgrade and update your current website. Or get a new custom website built for your specific needs. With us, you will convert more website visitors into customers. And we integrate all your marketing with your website.

Content Marketing

The modern customer will hunt and gather information before making a decision. You need content that attracts your target market during the buying process. Add value and drive traffic with Content Marketing.

Social Media

Social Media influences customer decisions and behavior. So you need a plan to grow your community while increasing engagement. We integrate Social Media with all your marketing elements to grow your Digital Brand.

SEO + Analytics

We fix SEO issues, then position you for long-term SEO success. This results in Google page rank, greater visibility and increased organic traffic. Then we help you utilize analytics to stay competitive in the new era of big data.

Email Marketing

Drip, Re-engagement, Trigger – these are examples of email campaigns that can benefit your company. Email Marketing increases brand awareness, improves customer retention and helps convert more prospects.

What Clients Say
“I couldn’t be more pleased with my website design and content. Nice job finding creative ways to work with Wells Fargo’s compliance rules.”
Joel Myers
Wells Fargo Financial Advisors

“Bang-up great job on the website. And thanks for all your hard work on our Google SEO. I’m a very happy client!”

Dr. Corey Clements
Clements Chiropractic

“The re-branding and website project has been awesome. The Magnet team is knowledgeable, creative and great to work with. Definitely recommended if your business needs Digital Marketing work.”

Laura Yetzer
Holistic Health Services

“Our website redesign was outstanding and exceeded expectations. Then our visibility on Google increased big time. Now we feel more relevant for tech savvy clients.”

Ken Earwood
Titan Financial & Insurance

“Magnet’s help with Social Media has been tremendous. We trust their recommendations for our company’s marketing as well as our client projects. Highly recommended for sure!”

Dave Payne
CAMPSITE media house
Problems We Solve
  • Our business needs more 5 Star Reviews online.
  • We need help with marketing software and CRM software.
  • Our business needs a website upgrade – either a redesign or a new website.
  • We need more online visibility and more website traffic.
  • Our company needs a better online experience for customers.
  • We need better website content that attracts customers.
  • I see competitors at the top of Google searches, but not our company.
  • We need to create a customer retention plan to protect revenue.
  • My business needs to convert more website traffic into leads.
  • We aren’t getting the data we need from Google Analytics.
Our Process
Listen + Discovery
First, we listen to you so we understand your challenges and goals. We make sure your questions are answered. Our initial discussion about ideas and your needs helps us get on the same page. Then we start by researching your: competitors, market, industry and more. We gather data and we analyze what we find to uncover valuable insights.
Evaluation + Strategy
We scope out your competition to see what they do right and wrong. Then as we evaluate your unique business, we start to uncover insights and indicators that point to opportunities. Our strategy building process will develop your: target personas, positioning, brand features, objectives and more. Then we create a Digital Brand Action Plan with your customized strategy.
Create + Develop
Great stuff happens as your digital story comes to life through our creative concepts. Ideas form into layouts, graphic designs and written elements with a purpose. Our digital craftsmanship produces creative drafts to consider and expand. Then through collaboration, revisions and refinement - we development top notch final creatives for your project.
Launch + Adjust
After our careful production management and hard work - it's go time! Now we launch your campaign, your content, your website, your company's digital story... Strategies and plans shifts into high gear as we go into execution mode. Systems are checked, data is analyzed and adjustments are made. It's always exciting to see a project go live and watch our ideas go to work for you.
Optimize + Evolve
Once a project is up and running we will scan, test, measure and analyze everything. Then we utilize our observations and data to find ways we can optimize. Just like the Internet and the online ecosystem - our work evolves. We are forward thinkers that stay current on trends and developments in the Digital Marketing industry.

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